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How to Use Infrared Forehead Thermometer ?

It is not correct after you tried many times When you get a infrared forehead thermometer from delivery man.
Dont worry. Its just you didnt know how to use the non contact infrared forehead thermometer.
Here are some tips for you.

1. Install 2*AAA batteries at the botton of the handle.
2. You will see 6 buttons, one is in the handle and the other 5 are on the side.
3. The big one in the handle is measuring key, press it to test the tempurature. The other 5 are switch ,mode set, up and down.

4. Turn the switch button to BODY to test human tempurature, turn to OBJ to test Object temperature. The BODY is available for you.

5.  Long press SET to enter setting mode. When the big LCD display show F1, press + or -to  switch mode between Celsius and Fahrenheit, ℃ and ℉ .

6. Continue to press the SET button, while the LCD display show F2, to set a warning upper tempurature. If your tempurature is higher than the setting one , the forehead thermometer will alert and show warning backlitr LED .

7.Continue to press the SET button, while it shows F3, you can adjust the extra tempurature plus the test one by +,-.

8.Continue to press the SET button, while it shows F4, you can press - to trun off the sound, press the + to turn on the sound.
Do you get it ?
If it is useful you, just order one and tag your friend without any hesitating.


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