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FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle

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  • BREWING ANY TYPES OF TEA – Built-in 100% stainless steel infuser suit for all types of tea brewing. Plunging tea infuser allows you to raise and lower the tea strainer for customizable flavor without opening the lid of kettle.It’s great for loose leaf tea and also perfect for bagged tea, blooming flower tea.
  • VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Water temperature is the most important for brewing tea, coffee, beverages and blends, this kettle can be adjusted temperature from 105°F to 212°F, the digital control panel of the handle allows you to observe temperature anytime. The keep-warm function can hold the selected temperature for up to 60min., so your water is ready at the temperature you want whenever you need it.
  • FAST BOILING AND LARGE CAPACITY – When you need a quick cup, choose this kettle. 1500W power allows the water to boil in 6-8 mins., faster than microwave and stovetop. 1.7L capacity can provide 6-7 cups of tea, especially suitable for entertaining guests and friends. The blue LED indicator can let you know when kettle starts to boil or shut off.
  • EXTRA SAFE & HEALTHY – 100% BPA FREE and FDA Approved. 304 Stainless steel and heat-resistant borosilicate glass make you stay away from the bad smell of plastic. The cool touch handle also protects your fingers from scald.
  • CORDLESS & EASY CLEANING – The 360-degree rotating base design allows you to pick up the kettle from any angle. The wide-opening lid design makes it easy to clean.

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Easy to Brewing Tea

Step 1 :

Open the lid and fill the kettle with water. If boiling tea, please fill it with water less than 1.5L to avoid overflow.


Step 2 :

Put the leaf tea, bagged tea or blooming tea into the infuser. Please don’t overfill.


Step 3 :

Cover the infuser’s lid. There is a flute on the plunging handle. It can fix the infuser on the top without soaking in the water when not brewing.


Step 4

Connect the power, it will beep, then press the ON/OFF button to start it. You can press the “+” and “-” to adjust the temperature from 105°F to 212°F.


How to avoid overflow when you boiling tea?

When you boiling black tea, we have some suggestion below:

1. Filling the kettle with water less than 1.5L and put the black tea into the infuser.

2. Firstly, you can boil it using a 195-212°F temperature.

3. But when you want to reheat the water, you need to set the keep-warm temperature to 185°F or below 185°F, and then press the power-start button to reheat.

4. Don’t boil it again directly, because there are some fermentation ingredients in black tea, If you reheat the black tea used above 185°F temperature, the water will overflow.



  •  How to use KEEP WARM ? Keep warm temperature: 105°F – 205°F ; Keep warm time: 60 minutes;

1. Firstly, press the “+ “or “-” button to set the desired temperature; Secondly, press the ON/OFF button and the ON/OFF button will be red; Thirdly press the KEEP-WARM button, and the keep-warm button will flash blue;

2. In Keep-Warm time, If you pick up the kettle from the base, the Keep-warm function will end, you need to press the ON/OFF button, and then press the keep-warm button again;

3. If you want to cancel the keep warm function, press the keep warm button again.


  • The kettle maybe can’t boil or shut-off automatically at high altitude areas, such as Denver.

The boiling point of water is 212°F (100°C) at the standard atmospheric pressure, but the boiling point will be changed by different atmospheric pressure. The higher the altitude, the lower the atmospheric pressure and the boiling point of water will get down. Our kettle has set the boiling point and shut-off temperature to 212°F (100°C) at standard pressure, so when the customer who lives at a higher altitude location, the water will start to boil under the 212°F, and it will not shut off automatically.


  • How to Clean?

Mineral deposits or tea in water may cause for precipitate and stain, this is a normal phenomenon and it’s not rust.

1. Put 3 cups white vinegar into the kettle, and fill it with water, let it stand for 6-8 hours (Don’t boil it);

2. After 6-8 hours, drop the water and use the damp cloth to rub the interior of the kettle.

3. Also, you can use lemon juice to clean it.


Great for Any Tea & Good Choice for Housewife

1. Loose Leaf Tea

The leaf tea contains rich tea polyphenols, vitamin, amino acid, mineral elements and so on. But every kind of tea has the different brewing temperatures, the FEBOTE kettle can adjust the different temperature to brew it. 176-185°F – Green Tea, Oolong. 195-212°F – Black Tea, Herbal Tea. 200-212°F – Assam Black Tea. 200-212°F – Darjeeling Black Tea.


2. Blooming Flower Tea

The blooming flower tea gives forth a pleasant fragrance, also helps us to maintain beauty and gracility. It’s perfect for women and office ladies. The brewing temperature of flower tea is 203-212°F.


3. Bagged Tea

Some people like bagged tea instead of leaf tea. Bagged tea can be a mixture of leaf tea and blooming tea, which also can be just a kind of leaf tea. It’s convenient and portable. Our FEBOTE Electric Kettle is also perfect to brew bagged tea.


4. Lemon Black Tea

Most of the people like to drink lemon tea. First, using the FEBOTE kettle to brew a pot of tea, then slice a piece of lemon in your cup, if you want a cold drink, you can add some ice cubes.




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