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FEBOTE Sous Vide Cooker – White

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  • FAST HEATING & 3D CIRCULATION : With 1000W power, FEBOTE sous vide can achieve 140℉ in only 10min. 3D Circulation technology can effectively circulate over 6 gallons of water and ensure that the heat is evenly distributed in the water bath at all times.
  • HEALTHY & NUTRITIOUS COOKING : Sous vide cooking is intended to deliver a consistent that temperature and time outcome of thermal heat transfer to food items. It can preserve food integrity, retain 99% nutrients, and keep 99% moisture. FEBOTE Sous Vide Cooker really can create restaurant quality food at home.
  • ACCURATE & PROFESSIONAL : Precisely Temperature Control: Using PTC technology with sensitive thermistor accurate to maintain temperature within this narrow range. Accurate timer: 1 minute to 99 hours allows you to plan on cooking a meal overnight and ensure that the food is not overcooked.
  • SAFE & WATERPROOF : Automatically shut down and trigger an alarm when water level is too low or high. Being IPX7 waterproof certified, even if you accidentally drop the sous vide cooker into the water, don’t worry the water permeate through the inner machine.
  • PORTABLE & EASY COLLECTION : Lightweight and smaller size design make it easy to transport. You also can collect it in drawers, cupboards and anywhere.

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febote sous vide cooker

febote-sous-vide     febote-sous-vide    febote-sous-vide

A Good Kitchen Helper                                          Fast Heating & 3D Circulation                                   Exquisite Packaging

febote-sous-vide   febote-sous-vide   febote-sous-vide   febote-sous-vide

New Cooking Method                 Accurate Timer                  Accurate Temperature Control                Enjoy The Food



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